Copper Beech Fell - Perth



Last week we had to take down a magnificent Copper Beech Tree.  Sadly the tree was host to Ganoderma Applanatum/Australe.  There were large brackets on the buttresses and an open cavity at the base into which we could probe beyond the centre of the stem.

The Beech was overhanging the neighbouring property.  After our assessment of the tree the customer was in agreement that the risk of the tree failing was too great.  It is possible that Ganoderma Australe can extend into the previously sound sapwood.  We were worried that if the tree experienced mechanical failure the resulting damage would be extensive and possibly life threatening.

Due to the position of the tree and the nature of the fungus, the Beech had to be carefully dismantled using rigging equipment.


Once the stem was felled we could see the extent of the decayed wood.  The below picture shows the stem about 0.5 metre above ground level.


This fungi bracts were evident on a neighbors tree (some sort of pine and circa 100yrs old), the high winds at the beginning of the year brought it down completely crushing a 4x4 and another car. Luckily no one was hurt or property damaged. You could quite easily see the soft spongy decayed wood making up a large part of the base of the fallen tree.
Yea, it's a shame to fell such a beautiful tree but better to be safe than sorry...

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