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Nosey Highland cows muching the ivy off a felled stem...

UK & I Competition - Pictures


Here are some pictures from the competition...





Thanks Bill Kowalczyk for taking these pictures.

Tree Climbing Champion 2013


Well done Jonathan! 

25th - 27th May saw the UK & I Tree Climbing Championships held at Highclere Castle, Berkshire.  Jonathan was overall winner of the prelims and won the masters event to become the UK & I Tree Climbing Champion 2013.  He will travel to Toronto, Canada in August to represent the UK & I at the World Championships and then to Switzerland in September for the European Championships.

Hopefully I will have some pictures from the UK competition to post on here shortly.

Pitlochry February 2013



At the beginning of February we had a job in Pitlochry to fell six mature Oak trees, standing within two gardens.  


Originally the Oaks would have been interior woodland trees.  However, the site has been developed for housing and the original perimeter trees removed therefore exposing the remaining trees to new stresses such as high winds, which they would not have previously been exposed to.



These particular 6 Oak trees were causing the residents great concern, especially with the high winds and snow that we experienced early this year.  The homeowners had already been subjected to large limbs snapping off and landing in the gardens.  It was quite a technical job to rig down the trees piece by piece, so as to try and cause as little damage to the beautifully landscaped gardens in which the trees stood.



Isle of Canna Feb 2013


In February we were lucky enough to be working on the beautiful Isle of Canna, off the North West coast of Scotland.

The job was for the National Trust for Scotland and we had to fell a stand of nearly 200, 80-100 year old Corsican Pines.

It was a tricky job as the trees were growing on a very steep slope that was riddled with rabbit warrens.  We needed to maintain the condition of the dry stone dyke that surrounded the stand of trees.  Also, we had to be careful not to cause too much damage to the field with vehicles and timber.

We opted for a winch system, which allowed us to fell the trees and then lift the stems, in sections over the dyke.  It was quite a slow, methodical process but we go there in the end.

Copper Beech Fell - Perth



Last week we had to take down a magnificent Copper Beech Tree.  Sadly the tree was host to Ganoderma Applanatum/Australe.  There were large brackets on the buttresses and an open cavity at the base into which we could probe beyond the centre of the stem.

The Beech was overhanging the neighbouring property.  After our assessment of the tree the customer was in agreement that the risk of the tree failing was too great.  It is possible that Ganoderma Australe can extend into the previously sound sapwood.  We were worried that if the tree experienced mechanical failure the resulting damage would be extensive and possibly life threatening.

Due to the position of the tree and the nature of the fungus, the Beech had to be carefully dismantled using rigging equipment.


Once the stem was felled we could see the extent of the decayed wood.  The below picture shows the stem about 0.5 metre above ground level.


September 2012


At the beginning of this month we travelled to Chamonix, France to celebrate the wedding of our good friends Jody and Anthony Kallay.  We stayed for a week and on the Wednesday Jonathan and his friend Martin left the Valley floor at 04.00 to begin their ascent of Mont Blanc.


They stayed in Le Valot refuge on Wednesday night and summited the tallest mountain in Europe on Thursday morning with spectular views, before beginning the long descent back to the valley floor.


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